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Multifunctional BlueTrek Sun Visor Bluetooth Car Kit Plus Headset

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Bluetrek Sun Visor Bluetooth Car Kit Take a look at the video to see what you are getting and how functional this hands free car kit is from BlueTrek.

This package includes the Surface Sound Duo NXT sun visor kit AND the Bluetrek Tattoo bluetooth headset all in one package.

Normal retail price on this is £49.99, so grab this while you can at this amazingly low price!

The SurfaceSound Duo is a combination headset and speaker in-car hands-free kit. Employing NXT’s characteristically diffuse loudspeaker technology to deliver crystal clear voice reproduction from an ultra thin flat panel speaker.

Compatible with most Bluetrek headsets, including the TATTOO model, the SurfaceSound Duo offers unrivalled sound quality from the NXT speaker, which also uses digital signal processing to reduce echoes and suppress environmental noise during conversations.

Charged via USB, the SurfaceSound Duo offers 15 hours talk time and up to 16.5 days standby time.
With the Bluetooth headset ‘docked’ audio is reproduced via the NXT speaker, while for private conversations the headset can be detached and used as an earpiece.

The main feature of this SurfaceSound Duo is that you can take the conversation with you where ever you go.

If your having a conversation in the car and have reached your destination, but dont want to sit in the car for ages chatting away, then with this device you can unclip the headset from the car kit and carrying on talking on the move.

On the other hand if you are talking on your headset and want to interlink it back to the car kit in the car, all you do is, just slot it back into the dock and the sound comes through the 2 Watt speaker.

Outstanding sound quality. Large speaker. NXT Flat panel speaker doesn’t block visibility when driving (6mm thin in speaker area). Making a call (support voice dialling) Transfer a call between the phone and headset Red LED to state the status of the charge, LED on headset to state status of stand-by and communication 1 Quick Press button. DSP for noise reduction and echo cancellation. Installation free. Dial last incoming number and call back missed calls. Full duplex for perfect two way conversation. Can be mounted on car sun visor or used at home or office. Keep your hands & ears free when driving. Specifications: Up to 22 hrs talk time. Stand-by up to 24 days. Weight about 121 grams (with clip). Size: 177 mm (L) x 94 mm (Diameter) x 14 mm (T). Speaker Power: Up to 104 dB / Up to 2 Watt. Operation range: Up to 10 meters. DSP for noise reduction and echo cancellation. Dual colour LED to state the status of charge, end of charge, low battery, stand-by and communication. Flat panel speaker doesn’t block visibility when driving (6mm thin in speaker area). Can be mounted on car sun visor or used at home or office. Only Works with Bluetrek MINI, TATTOO, (included) UFO, SENSE, X3 and upcoming Bluetrek headsets. SurfaceSound Duo USB Cable Charger USB Car Charger Clip system for car sun visor Bluetrek Tattoo Bluetooth Headset Full instructions and Warranty Information
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