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Byron HE306 Wirefree Door Bell with Power Activation and Plug in Chime

Perfect Door Bell for Hard of Hearing

Brand New Retail Packaged Byron HE306 Wirefree Door Bell In summary this doorbell connects wirelessly to a plug in chime.

The chime plugs into any mains socket and itself has a pass through mains socket.

You can plug a device such as a lamp into the mains socket, and when someone presses the doorbell the chime will sound AND the lamp will illuminate, either flash or continuous.

You can set the length of time of illumination from between 2 mins and 20 mins depending on circumstance.

You could also use this door bell to switch on a light in your hall as you enter the house, or somewhere else in the building.

This makes an excellent bell for the hard of hearing providing visual notifcation of activation.

Totally wireless. Range, 40 metres. 7 selectable timer functions. Ideal for Hard of Hearing Signal passes through walls and ceilings. Important: mounting the bell push unit onto a UPVC door frame or metal surface will reduce the operating range and may cause the units to work intermittently. Chime Unit, HE-306R, Indoor use only. Bell Push Button, HE-306T, Outdoor Use. Bell Push Size, 50mm x 90mm x 24mm Frequency 433.92MHz. Load: 300W (Incandesent). Byron HE306 Wirefree Door Bell
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