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Crazy Tables Interactive Educational Learning Game

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For Children From Age 4 Upwards Crazy Tables Interactive Educational Learning Game Remember trying to learn your times tables? If you are of my age, you probably sat staring at a grid of 144 squares with the numbers down each side, and then filling in the boxes, again, and again......and again, until it becomes more than a little boring. You even had to draw the grid yourself.... until they invented graph paper! Purgatory!

Now help is at hand... with the Crazy Tables interactive, exciting, educational game. A game you can play with your children, a game your children can play with other children, and learn as they play.

In fact there are 8 games or variations of games ranging from one vs one, to "classroom" multi player games.

Your children may have played these games at school as they were bought by many schools as they have real educational value.

Once your kids have the basics they can polish up their performance using the timer to sharpen up their skills even further.

Crazy Tables is a fast, fun and effective way for children to learn their times tables. Reptition has always been the key in this subject. The only problem, up unitl now, has been that repetition has been boring. After so long, children tend to switch off and learning becomes a chore.

Crazy Tables puts the fun back into learning!

Games and Activities Included: Against the Clock/Beginners Against the Clock/Advanced Challenge Game/Head to Head Challenge Game/Advanced Team Game/Beginners Team Game/Advanced Bingo Memory Game

This is a big box game measuring 40cm x 35.5cm x 7cm. Jumbo lettering and numbers along with specially designed inserts and tiles just right for the age of young children. And of course you can play along with them!

You get a lot for you money!

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