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Audio Datawrite Multipurpose TFT CD DVD Cleaning Kit

Everything to safely clean your equipment and optical media

Brand New Retail Packaged Datawrite TFT CD DVD Cleaning Kit LCD TFT panels consist of 4 major components:

1. TFT liquid crystal molecules
2. Colour filter molecules
3. Polariser molecules
4. Backlight molecules

Ordinary cleaning solutions or unsuitable cleaning cloths are harmful for LCD panels and can actually damage the components.

This cleaning kit includes professional components which allow to clean your items safely and without scratching.

Anti static and safe LCD TFT cleaning fluid ensures maximum brightness and resolution on your monitor safely The microfibre cloth safely removes dust and dirt without screening, see those smudges and fingerprints disappear! Features a superfine brush to clean dust from your keyboard Use for all electronic equipment where grime has made its mark, and bring back new codition Use on CDs and DVDs with dirt or dust on to improve performance Datawrite TFT CD DVD Cleaning Kit
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