Homedics Duo Salon IPL Professional Hair Removal System Facial Body Bikini
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All Body Areas

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Active Cooling Technology - This is a home IPL device with professional cooling
Adapts to your body - Dual technology (IPL and AFT) to treat different areas of the body
Fast and powerful - Treat legs, underarms and bikini line in under 30 minutes
Ideal for reducing facial hair - includes facial adaptor
Lifetime treatments - 500,000 pulse Quartz cartridge
Who Can Use Duo Salon? IPL uses the hair pigment to attract light and the pigment of your skin tone to not attract light. This light travels down the hair follicle and heats the hair roots, causing them to enter a sleeping phase and encouraging the hair to shed naturally. For the best results, Duo Salon IPL works best on a combination of lighter skin tones and darker hair colours.

Feel the Difference Time to say goodbye to stubbly regrowth and hello to salon smoothness. Duo Salon is the latest innovation in IPL hair reduction, IPL technology works by breaking the hair growth cycles, encouraging your hair to shed naturally and prevents hair re-growth. Leaving you with a smooth and hair-free feeling that lasts.

Active Cooling Technology The home IPL device to feature professional cooling, just like they use in the salons. The Duo Salon's quartz glass lamp features a cooling function, so that as the IPL heat energy travels down into the hair follicles, your skin remains comfortably cool on the surface.

Ultra-fast Treatments Delivering two flashes per second means the Duo Salon treatments are super quick and easy, you can treat your body in 20 minutes including: legs, arms, bikini line, underarms and face. We've reduced treatment times so you can spend less time on haircare and more time doing what you love
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