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Keyboard Scramble - Teaches Keyboard Skills to Children

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For Children Aged From When They Start Using Keyboard etc Keyboard Scramble RRP £49.99, sale price now £14.99!

I learnt keyboard skills on a an old Olivetti typewriter that needed a crane to move it around, along with a Pitman guide! You had to hammer the keys to get them to place ink on the paper etc etc.

We know how different it is today, and how important it is to be able to use a keyboard as computers play an ever increasing role in everyday life.

Keyboard Scramble is designed to introduce young students to the computer keyboard. Keyboard Scramble's fun hands-on games and activities integrate early literacy skills, such as letter recognition and simple beginning letter sounds, with keyboard familiarity. By manipulating key tiles, students are learning kin-esthetically - the most accepted and productive means of learning for primary age children.

Keyboard Scramble helps early learners develop the skills and confidence they need to use the computer keyboard correctly, enabling them to effectively take the next steps toward computer literacy.

Keyboard Scramble Lets Children Learn: Letter location on the keyboard Awareness of correct hand positioning on the keyboard Hand/eye coordination in the manipulation of the letter keys Recognising and naming the letters of the alphabet identifying the sound each letter makes

Keyboard Scramble Features the Following Activities: Match Up Match Up Mania Keyboard Cooperation Keyboard Scramble (Head to Head) Grab Bag Keyboard Crazy (Head to Head) Beat the Clock Memory Match Sound Off See a Word Say the Sound Keyboard Concentration Left Hand Right Hand Sort'Em Out What's Missing

So hours of educational fun and activities which you and your children can get involved with.

This is a big box game, measuring 33.5cm x 51cm x 6cm

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