Little Tikes Stroller Cup Holder
Item code: ltstrolcup
Price: £ 7.59
Little Tikes Stroller Cup Holder.
Brand New

Easy and secure clip on attachment
Universal fit
Self adjusting
There prong grip
Easy to remove

The Little Tikes stroller cup holder has been developed for parents to have easy access to beverages whilst on the go. The clip on attachment means it's easy to install and will fit most strollers. The Little Tikes stroller cup holder has been designed with a three prong grip to hold different size cans, cups and bottles in place whilst the tapered design allows easy drink removal but with extra secure grip. The Little Tikes cup holder is self levelling, allowing gravity to keep drinks upright. The design also allows easy stroller folding even while still attached. The cup holder is easy cleaner and dishwasher safe.

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