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The Original Mogo Mouse for Laptops with a PCMCIA Slot

Bluetooth, Wireless, Optical Never Needs Batteries

Brand New Retail Packaged Mogo Bluetooth Laptop Mouse Love your laptop but hate the touchpad? This could be the answer. The award winning innovative Mogo mouse.

Functions like any other wireless mouse - 2 buttons, scroll etc, but can be charged and stored in the PCMCIA slot of your notebook computer, so it is always ready for use, and so you will never forget it!

MoGo Mouse is a two-button optical wireless mouse that takes minutes to set-up and is comfortable and simple to use.

MoGo Mouse stores away in the PC Card slot, so when your customers are out presenting to a client or on a long journey and their notebook touchpad has become a little tedious, they simply remove MoGo Mouse, flip down the kick-stand, give one simple tap on the left mouse button and voila they're connected.

Use the MoGo Mouse as a laptop mouse, Store it away in the PC Card slot and it will Charge automatically.

Compact, portable mouse is the ideal companion for laptop users Provides the familiar feel and functionality of a desktop mouse Stores away inside your PC Card slot so you won't lose or forget it Compatible with all laptops and tablet PCs with a PCMCIA Card slot and Bluetooth or use and external bluetooth dongle Charges automatically inside your laptop (or by cable - NOT included) Mogo Mouse for Laptops with PCMCIA slots
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