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Philips LivingWhites Mood Lighting Remote Dimmable Starter Kit

Brand New in Box 12 Month Philips Warranty

Includes Remote Plus Two Energy Saving 20 Watt Smartlink Bulbs Philips LivingWhites Remote Dimmable Starter Kit Everything you need to start making your life a little more comfortable, relaxing, and satisfying. Chill out with the perfect mood lighting, or brighten up while you concentrate on a specific task.... all at the touch of the Philips remote, just slide your finger round the dial to increase or decrease the brightness of your linked lamps. Or choose one of 3 preset scenes at the touch of a button.

Another useful feature is the gradual closedown. You need to turn all the lamps off and then try and find the door in the dark! The LivingWhites kit allows you turn off all your lamps instantly or will dim them to off over the course of 12 seconds so you can leave a darkened room safely. A great idea.... one we use. Up to 50 light bulbs can be linked to the one remote.

Get some extra 20 Watt and 15 Watt bulbs here

The warm white (2700k) bulbs are certified energy saving, low voltage, for maximum energy efficieny and lighting convenience.

With Philips Smartlink technology, all products in the Living Atmosphere using Smartlink technology are connected to a single intuitive remote control that allows you to adjust or change the color of one or all of your lights freely.

An innovative and extremely useful piece of equipment, no home should be without. Also makes a great gift for someone with everything!

Create the perfect mood Bayonet fixing bulbs compatible with standard light fittings Use bulbs indepently of the remote if required, just as a standard energy saving device Remote control operates on 3 x AAA batteries included. Starter kit is ready to use out of the box Expected lamp life 8 x that of a conventional bulb Every remote can control up to 50 light sources Dimmable to 1% Up to 80% savings on energy Can operate within 170-250V range, main voltage only Full RoHS compliance Easy dimming
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