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Stunning Poise Stainless Steel LED Solar Lamp

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Coloured or White Light Poise Stainless Steel LED Solar Lamp We are pretty fussy when it comes to solar lights, and these are the first we have bought for some time. Most lights are good value, but you do get what you pay for. However in this case we believe this beauty offers outstanding value, combined with super quality and flexibility.

The case and stem are manufactured from quality stainless steel, so no rusting when they are in position.

You can choose between white constant LED or colour cycling LEDs blue through green to red etc, making for a very interesting combination.

No wiring of course, and the stem can be two lengths because it comes in two halves. Full height including the spike (which measures about 10cm) is 49.5cm.

Large diameter head is 16cm wide, again some lights you buy are tiny this is a "proper" size light which looks very stylish.

Shine time 6-8 hours on a full charge in optimal conditions, actual time varies depending on climate and location.

On Off switch allows you to charge without discharging if wanted to maximise the shine time for a specific period.

Photo sensor means light turns on automatically at dusk, and off at dawn.

Quality Monocrystalline solar panel works to the optimum in all lighting condition.

Should the battery eventually need replacing it is a simple matter of replacing a 600mAh AA rechargeable battery.

Full Instructions and product guide are included.

We actually have a limited supply of these so please order early, and order the number you require in one order to avoid disappointment.

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