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Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist 2

Brand New Retail Mini Box - Includes Printed Manual Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 There's never been a better time to dig your photos out and make something beautiful with them that you can share with others. Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 makes it easy to create scrapbooks, cards, invitations and albums, plus you'll find crafting tools like scissors and stencils and a photo editor, so your designs will be beautiful and totally unique.

Easy to use
The tools and features are designed for digital scrapbookers of all skill and experience levels. Whether you want to make a simple photo page or an entire book of memories using advanced techniques, help is always available.

Help and support
With on-screen prompts to help you at every step of your design, quick access to helpful video tutorials, drag & drop technology for fast designing, and a brand new hover selection tool for accurate object selection, Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 is super easy to use. There's also a friendly user community at to provide help whenever you need it.

Import and organise
Get design elements from anywhere--import scanned objects, photos, digikits, and much more for any design project--then create and organize your own digikits with the new Digikit Creator. Organize all your kits by assigning tags like categories, colours, styles, and more, then quickly search for individual items efficiently with the Digikit Browser.

Tools and techniques
All the tools you find in a craft store and then some extra ones thrown in! The easy-to-use tools and effects will enable you to create beautiful designs in minutes.

Create stunning effects with professional blend modes. You'll be able to seamlessly blend objects to take on the appearance of any material to give you fabulous results.

Put the perfect finishing touch onto your scrapbook with stencils. Use one of the many included stencils, or easily create your own from any object or embellishment.
Get design elements from anywhere, then create and organize your own digikits with the new Digikit Creator. High 300-dpi resolution allows you to print your projects at home or professionally. Make your photos picture-perfect every time and become a photo editing expert in seconds. Whether you want to make a simple photo page or an entire book of memories using advanced techniques, help is always available. Easily share your scrapbook designs via email in popular image formats, or online at

Cutting & punching
Cut up your material using fancy scissor edges for extra creative detail, or punch out shapes to make gorgeous decorations for your scrapbook.

Edge effects
Give your materials and objects photo-realistic frayed edges by applying one of the many fantastic edge effects, like Hessian and Carpet, for a lifelike look.

Brushes and stitching
Use brushes to paint on sparkling glitter, decorative beads, fancy stitches and much more. Brushes can be easily customised to achieve the look you want.

Layers are a great way to stack the objects in your designs and makes arranging them, applying effects, and editing complicated projects super-easy.

Add decorative text and beautiful lettering to your designs in Digital Scrapbook Artist 2. You can even write along editable paths so your text can flow around objects

Filter effects
Your designs will be jumping off the page after using effects like shadows, glows, bevels, embossing and more. These realistic effects are sure to impress everyone.

And much much more! This software will keep you entertained for hours and hours, your ingenuity will know no bounds with the creativity this software empowers you with!
  • Easily create beautiful, handcrafted scrapbooks and cards that look just like the real thing
  • Share your creations quickly via email, print, or by uploading them to the web
  • Create your designs using realistic crafting tools – just like you'd find in a craft store
  • Use advanced digital tools like blending for amazing effects and top quality results
  • Find the digital materials you need quickly and easily with the built-in Digikit Manager Super-easy to use plus help, support, and tutorials whenever you need them
  • Add fabulous effects and edit your photos in the easy-to-use PhotoLab
  • Make beautiful scrapbooks, cards, and other designs, without the expensive craft materials
  • Add amazing and realistic effects like metal, glass, and page curls to your scraps
  • Beautify your designs using the stencil templates included or easily create your own custom stencils
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