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Yogi "Cobra" Hair Styling Wand

Brand New Beautiful Retail Packaging

Full 12 Month UK Warranty Yogi "Cobra" Snake Skin Hair Styling Wand The YOGI hair wand produces a curl that cannot be acheived with conventional irons or curlers. You can create a variety of hairstyles from big bouncy waves to tight defined curls, with the confidence that they will hold all day long.

The YOGI wand is lightweight, easy to use, and creates perfect YOGI curls in seconds.

The "Cobra" features a unique snake skin design giving your wand a modern funky feel, just like your hair after you have styled it! Barrel size 25mm tapering to 18mm

Retailing for £64.99, on line at the time of writing (28/06/2013), we are offering this superbly presented item at a new breakthrough price.

Instructions for Use:

5 Easy steps to create perfect curls:

1. Take a section of the hair (the smaller the section the tighter the curl, the larger the section the looser the curl)

2. Holding the end of the sectioned hair, place the wand close to the root (be careful not to touch the scalp) and wrap this section of hair around the wand.

3. Keep the hair in this position, tightly against the wand for approximately 10 seconds.

4. Gently pull the wand out of the curled section of hair making sure that you continue to hold on to the end of the hair.

5. Release the hair and achieve your perfect Yogi curl.

See the video on You Tube for Yogi wand in Action!

Why choose Yogi?

No Cold Tips. Our design increases the amount of negative ions produced and therefore enables the curls to last for a longer period of time. (cold tips can reduce shine and hold)

Barrel Temperature. Our advanced technology, allows our wands to create perfect curls at a relatively low temperature even on the most difficult to wave hair. The barrel heats up to 160 degree C in seconds. Because of this unique barrel the Yogi wands will lock the waves and curls into place but will leave the hair with an ultimate shine finish.

Smooth Design. We intentionally designed our wands without any protruding edges, clamps or stands so that the hair does not catch or snag when styling.

Conical Barrel. Fatter at the base, smaller at the tip allowing curls to be created quickly and very easily. The hair slides off without any dragging, catching or pulling.

Tourmaline & Ceramic Barrel. Our unique infused barrel locks waves and curls into place and leaves the hair with an extreme shine finish.

We have had a couple of questions regarding countefeit items. With all top selling brands this is a potential problem, but our stock is 100% UK retail and genuine, so please buy with confidence.

~ Instant smooth long lasting curls & waves ~ Quick & easy to use ~ Lightweight with rapid heat up technology ~ Tourmaline & ceramic infused barrel for ultimate shine finish ~ Teflon coating for ‘easy wipe’ cleaning ~ Extra long 360 degree swivel cable ~ Heat Protective Glove included ~ 1 year guarantee ~ Barrel size 25mm tapering to 18mm
Yogi "Cobra" Snake Skin Hair Styling Wand Heat Protective Glove
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