Monster 4 Metre Component Video Cable

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Product Information

High Resolution Video Cable with Precision strandings for the Best Possible Picture

The Monster solution: Better Video Through Better Technology

With MV2, video is reproduced with the sharpest, most detailed image and the brightest, most vivid and natural color rendition possible. Unlike conventional video cable technology, Monster Video 2 (MV2) features high-purity, high density copper stranding for lower signal loss and protection from video noise. Heavy-duty double shielding guards against outside EM and RF interference. And a low-loss insulator transfers signals more efficiently so your satellite receiver, DVD player and high resolution camcorder can bring you the superb pictures they were engineered to deliver.

Get Into the Action with Monster HDTV

Ordinary cables can’t handle the high bandwidth of HDTV without downgrading it or losing some of the depth and vividness. Monster MV2CV delivers every nuance and high-def detail without signal loss, so you can be assured that you’re getting all the HDTV performance you paid for.

Patent #4,932,897: Turbine Connectors for Superior Signal Transfer

Monster Video 2 composite video cables feature 24k gold contact Turbine RCA connectors for a high performance connection. These connectors resist corrosion that can impede signal transfer, while optimizing the connection between components. The split center pin increases contact pressure for lower distortion and better signal transfer. All MV2 connectors are outfitted with a sturdy short body metal shell so they'll easily fit in hard-to-reach places behind components.

Don't Sacrifice Performance

Today's video components are designed to deliver heightened levels of performance. MV2 enables your components to perform at their best so you can enjoy the clearest, most lifelike images with the most accurate colors possible.


  • 24k gold contact RCA connectors for superior conductivity
  •   Multi-stranded, all-copper construction provides a clear, sharp picture
  •   Low-Loss component video cable for improved video reproduction





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