Smirk® Dental Tooth Brightening Strips Teeth Whitening 28 Pack

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Smirk® Dental Tooth Brightening Strips Teeth Whitening 28 Pack

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Product Information

Smirk® Dental Tooth Brightening Strips 28 Pack

Formerly known as Smiles, Smirk is the new name for the quality range of tooth brightening products from Smiles UK Ltd.

- Removes internal staining and leaves your teeth looking clean and bright

- Works by penetrating beneath the enamel and lifting staining from within

- Safe: Contain no peroxide and work safely with the tooth enamel to produce a powerful whitening effect

- Easy to apply: Anyone can have whiter brighter teeth

- Removes tobacco, red wine, coffee and many many more stains simply and safely


How to use:


1. Open the foil sachet to reveal the strips 

2. Pat teeth with tissue to dry them. Place bottom strip first, then repeat with top. 

3. Relax and let the strips do their magic for 30 minutes. Do not eat or drink whilst wearing the strips. 

4. After 30 minutes, remove the strips and throw away. Rinse your mouth with water to remove any existing gel. 

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